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5 Superb Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipes

What is pulled pork?

Pulled pork is pork meat that has been cooked slowly over low heat until it falls apart or can be pulled apart and shredded. The meat is often served on a sandwich bun with barbecue sauce and coleslaw. Pulled pork is very popular in the southern United States and has recently gained popularity in the UK.

Originally, pulled pork was prepared by slow smoking the meat over a banked fire. Spanish settlers in the Americas adopted this method of cooking and preserving meat from Native Americans. Slow braising pork in the oven or a slow cooker produces a type of pulled pork without the smokey flavor.

What is the best cut of meat for pulled pork?

The first pulled pork probably came from whole hog roasts and included all parts of the pig, even the crispy skin. Today’s home cook is likely to use a more manageably sized cut such as a pork shoulder.

The pork shoulder is butchered into two parts. The cut from the top of the animal’s shoulder along the shoulder blade is known in the US as a pork butt and as a pork hand in the UK. The US name comes from the barrels or butts used to ship and store pork in the 1700s. The lower cut is known as the pork shoulder or picnic.

When selecting a cut for pulled pork, look for a fatty joint with lots of connective tissue. During slow cooking, the connective tissues melt away and baste the meat with flavorful juices. The butt or hand is ideal for pulled pork and is an appropriate size for most slow cookers.

Who invented pulled pork?

While celebrity chefs Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy have an ongoing joke that Rimmer invented pulled pork, the dish traces back to early settlers in the United States and barbecue from the Carribean. Pulled pork is also closely related to a traditional Hawaiian dish called Kalua pork that dates back many centuries.

What to have with pulled Pork

Treat your family to some succulent pulled pork. Generously season a pork hand with salt and pepper and load it into your slow cooker. Add a quartered onion and your favorite barbecue sauce. Use a quarter cup of sauce per pound. Cook on low for eight to ten hours. Shred with two forks and serve on toasted buns or in tacos.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipes

How to Make Texas Slow Cooker Pulled Pork |

Watch how to make Texas-style pulled pork in a wonderful tangy sauce. In this 5-star recipe, barbecued pork simply simmers in the slow cooker until the meat is perfectly tender. Serve the tender pork on toasted hamburger buns to wild raves!

How To Make Slow Cooker Pulled Pork - Easy Crock Pot Pulled Pork Recipe

If you’re into pulled pork then this video is for you!!!! It’s a super easy way to make unbelievably good pulled pork in your slow cooker using off the shelf BBQ sauce as a base and only a few other ingredients. Simply place your pork in the slow cooker, follow Ken’s simple recipe on the vid and in a few hours, it will be like you had your own smokehouse!!!!

The Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork perfect for any Party

This is a great slow cooker BBQ pulled pork, perfect for a evening dinner or a get-together. This BBQ pulled pork slow cooker recipe involves cooking the pork shoulder in a BBQ sauce, flaking the meat and then returning it to the sauce.

Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

A versatile slow cooker recipe for hectic days when there’s no time to cook. You can use this delicious pulled pork for a variety of meals–tacos, sandwiches, or quesadillas.

The Best Slow Cooker Pork Ever

This slow cooker pork is super easy to make and is my all-time favorite recipe for pulled pork. Ingredients include a boneless pork shoulder, sweet paprika, cayenne pepper, chopped onion, minced garlic, honey, black pepper and salt.

So there we are, we have talked about the origins and the best type of meat for perfect pulled pork. We’ve also suggested what you can serve with it.

We have also curated 5 excellent recipes for your very own slow cooker pulled pork.