Cooking is a Passion to us, being able to put together a bunch of ingredients and create a delicious meal is very rewarding and satisfying, to share this with friends and family, even more so. The slow cooker is perfect for cooking up a tasty stew, casserole or joint, stick it in, turn it on and hours later you have an amazing meal that everyone can share.

We really get creative with our recipes, anything from beef to beans, chicken to chili, pork to potatoes, if it tastes delicious and looks just as good we have a video for it. We want you to dust off the old slow cooker and start making some of our wonderful recipes, we purposely make the videos easy to follow, showing you all the ingredients that we use and how we use them, nothing is done away for the camera, what you see us make is the finished dish.

We hope that everyone enjoys our recipes, expert cooks to first-timers, young, old, male, female if you have a slow cooker and enjoy delicious meals then you are definitely at Home here.