When shopping for a slow cooker, one of the most important factors to consider is size. Slow cookers come in various capacities and it’s important to choose one that meets your cooking needs.


The capacity you need will depend on how many people you plan to serve. A small slow cooker (2-4 quart capacity) is ideal for single or two person families, while larger models (5-7 quart capacity) are great for entertaining and larger gatherings. You may also want to consider a larger model if you’ll be cooking large cuts of meat like roasts or whole chickens.


Slow cookers vary greatly in capacity, and the size you choose should depend on the number of people you plan to feed. For smaller households or if you’re cooking for one or two people, a 1.5 to 3-litre slow cooker would be the ideal choice. For a family of three or four, a 3 to 5-litre slow cooker should suffice. 

If you are cooking for a slightly larger family of four to five people, a 5 to 5.5-litre slow cooker would be the way to go. For large gatherings or for feeding six to eight people, you might want to opt for the largest size available, which is the 6.5-litre slow cooker. It’s important to choose a size that fits your needs to ensure the most efficient cooking.


The size of the slow cooker you choose can greatly depend on what you’re planning to cook. For instance, if you’re cooking for two, and your recipe includes larger pieces of meat, such as lamb shanks, a 1.5 – 3 litre slow cooker might not suffice. The large size of the shanks could make it difficult to properly cook the meat or evenly distribute heat. In such cases, you might need a larger slow cooker to accommodate the size of the shanks and other ingredients. 

However, for other dishes like stews, chicken breasts, or any recipes that primarily involve sauces or liquids, a 1.5 – 3 litre slow cooker would typically be big enough. As a rule of thumb, consider the size and quantity of the ingredients in your recipe when deciding on the size of your slow cooker.


Here is a more detailed perspective on slow cooker sizes and their suitability for various occasions:

  • 1 to 2-quart slow cooker: Ideal for small servings, sauces, and dips. If you’re serving at parties, you might want to consider a more practical fondue pot instead of a bulky slow cooker.
  • 2 to 3-quart slow cooker: These slow cookers are perfect for meals serving 1-2 people.
  • 3 to 4-quart slow cooker: If you’re cooking for 2 to 3 people, this is the perfect size for you.
  • 5 to 7-quart slow cooker: Falling within the most common and popular size range, these slow cookers offer the most flexibility. They are large enough to accommodate large roasts or whole chickens, making them versatile for various recipes.
  • 8 to 10-quart slow cooker: If you plan to serve larger groups or cook whole turkeys, this is the size for you. Notable brands like Crockpot and Hamilton Beach offer these extra-large options.


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